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ISKCON Connection Newsletter, Issue 28, September 22, 2019
Prabhupada Nectar
Everything is complete in this world. There is no scarcity. We have simply created scarcity by our mismanagement. But if we take up the laws as they are prescribed in the scriptures and live peacefully, there is no scarcity
(Ukraine) Anadi Prabhu Really Needs Our Help
Former NYC Mayor Visits The Bhakti Center
Mercy for Prisoners in Argentina
The Manor’s (UK) Summer Festival of Colours
ISKCON Korea Performs Yajna for Samsung
ISKCON Philadelphia Sponsors Feast in Navadvipa
ISKCON Relief Ukraine Report- Week 18

In Alchevsk, rockets hit directly into the Food of Life building – 2 devotees left their bodies still under the rubble
How can we improve our concentration during meditation?
Encouragement in spiritual life
In Defense of the Vedic View
Remover of Obstacles
Accepting our Lot, Gracefully
Chant (at least) One More Round: Increasing our attachment to the Holy Name
The virtues of demon’ crazy
Reflections on Guru-purnima
The Flowering of Consciousness
True Happiness Must be Eternal
The Best Benediction
Best of the Best

The TOVP Announces a Unique Sponsorship Opportunity: The 31 Dresses Campaign
TOVP Architecture Dept. Report: July, 2022
TOVP Bas Relief Panels Update: Rasa Lila and Ratha Yatra Panels
New TOVP Flagpole Installed
The Vedic Science Channel
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